Ceramic to Clay

Ceramic to Clay
A Mother's Search for Authentic Healing for Her Severely Brain Injured Son

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What HAVE people said to me about my book?

     I COULD say that feedback was not important, that writing the book and actually publishing it was  enough BUT that would not be the truth.  I have wanted to know that the story "struck a chord", "touched a heart", "made a difference".  I thought that I would share some of the comments I've received through e-mail, personal facebook messages, letters.  I have been careful to protect the privacy of those who shared their thoughts and feelings:

     "this book is so well-written. . . pacing, style and well-conceived and organized."

     "I totally related to so much of what you write, from trying all sorts of different therapies, to having to heal from the past, to being open to alternative therapies and energy healing. . . I feel that your family's  journey mirrors our own and I feel so grateful that you were willing to share yours. . . "

     "the way in which you write could be a guide for others in how to take the opportunities that life presents to us and use them for healing. . . "

     "to experience the love and care that has become your day to day life. . . you have given yourself and your child a richer lifetime than many children or adults will ever have the opportunity to live abled or disabled. . . "

     "all my feelings, all my sadness, all my grief, all my helplessness, were there in those words so gently written, black on white.
      I admire in your book your search for healing, not only the body but the soul. . . not only Adam's, but the whole family.  We are all hurt. . .
      Your book made me realize that one more thing is missing on top of physical rehabilitation. . . it is help and support for all these mothers and fathers who suffer in silence."

     "Courage is your strength, compassion is your heart and commitment is your soul. . ."

     "a beautifully told story of grief and strength. . . "

     "as a mother, I can't imagine. . . "

     "It was amazing to walk your journey, answering my many questions of events, but even more amazing to envision you with pen in hand recounting every step of your journey for people to enter your beautiful world. . ."

     "I found myself on many pages, sharing your thoughts and feelings. . . "

     "I want to tell you that your voice in the book is clear and the story hangs together.  In fact I was left wanting more, which is what a good book does. . . You show bravery and authenticity and a willingness not to hide the hard places and the shadows. . . You are blazing a trail for others, many unknown to you who will sip your courage and stand in the truth as you have done. . .

     "The book is wonderful. . . your writing is easyflowing, telling the stories without need, or want from the reader. . . a whole new you who shows the world she so loves her son as he is all the time, without fear."

     "Managed to read the book in one sitting.  Enjoyed it for the healing journey you meant it for.  It was an intimate read with glimpses into many avenues that I too am familiar with.  You address many key topics that block our path to whole-heartedly forging onwards. . . "

     "I just couldn't put it down until I finished it.  What a journey!  I could relate to you on many pages.  I wept through many of them. . . "

I am grateful to each and every person who took a few minutes to let me know how they experienced the book.  So many of the readers are mothers and fathers who are living a similar life.  Other readers seem to be people who understand the complex nature of trauma and healing.


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Amazon have just shipped your book, it's on it's way and I'm really looking forward to reading it. xxx

Meb said...

I'm so glad you posted this Sharon. I'm sure it will
encourage more people to share their responses to your amazing book.
Love, Maribeth

Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

The day I received a copy of your book I went to bed early so I could read it. Well, I read it cover to cover to the early hours of the morning. It is truly the best book I have ever read, it's written in easy-flowing beautiful English, up there with Jane Austen.

How you told your story, journey and the flow of the book was just a page turner. The purity of your honesty, the openness and I know I wasn't there but reading it made me feel like I was there in your book as a witness to you and your families journey.

All angles told, from Aimee's perspective, Adam's. There were bits where I cried, and smiled at the the triumphs.

I can't say how your book touched me, (because it did in so many ways) as two days later, I'm still absorbing it, but one of the most heart wrenching bits for me, apart from the original accident, was when you said goodbye to the river, coupled with your family (siblings) desertion.

What I do know is that it wasn't yours or Phils fault and it wasn't Adams, no more that I, with Oatie.

After I finished reading it in the early hours, I did cry, and I think I also grieved for what happened to Oatie. You've turned tragedy into power. When I woke up in the morning, thinking I'd feel tired, I felt uplifted.

Thank you for letting all your readers be part of your family. An amazing book from an even more amazing fantastic mom.


Oatie's Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

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