Ceramic to Clay

Ceramic to Clay
A Mother's Search for Authentic Healing for Her Severely Brain Injured Son

Friday, December 31, 2010

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Anonymous said...

I just finished this remarkable book. It seems short at 150 pages and easy to read in one sitting with brief chapters, but the content requires serious contemplation. I'll be thinking about this book for quite awhile.

Sharon offers a sequence of experiences that portray her family's journey into chaos and healing after her son's accident. It is a captivating read - a rare opportunity to glimpse the personal elements of such a shattering experience and witness part of the slow steady process of recovery. She takes you right to the core of her struggles and raises provocative questions about how we relate to those who have suffered severe trauma. I hope other readers will find some inspiration too among these courageous pages to reach out to the Dzialos and other families in similar circumstances.

Some of my favorite parts of the book are Sharon's expressions of her son's reality and voice, which open a door of understanding for me about him. Even if a person cannot speak using words or move on his own volition, he still needs friends. Adam shows us another dimension of being human, fearlessly and with humor. It is up to us to find a way past our own discomfort to be comfortable with him. Such a vital response is signficant part of everyone's healing. I love how Adam's friend David shows us the way.

There are other moments of success and unique views into the healing process. This book has much to offer other familes in trauma. It has certainly given me food for thought regarding my own recovery from less traumatic experiences.

Thanks for sharing your journey Sharon - it is a great gift!

Marcy Marchello

Meb said...

Beautiful assessment of profound thoughts, and feelings. a must read for all. No boundries, and should break down some.